Meet April Jeffs

April Jeffs has proudly served her community as Mayor of Wainfleet and Niagara Regional Councillor from 2010-2018 including serving as Chair Budget and Co Chair Public Health at the Region. Her tenure in public service cultivated the leadership, knowledge and experience required to represent Niagara Centre in a meaningful and effective way. 
April remains a dedicated mother and business owner and continues to remain engaged in public service though her board memberships at Welland Heritage Council and Multicultural Centre as well as Niagara Children's Centre. She also serves as board member for Arid Recovery Homes Board, United Way Niagara, Port Colborne/Wainfleet Chamber of Commerce. 
In the past she served on the boards for Wainfleet Agricultural Board, Wainfleet Minor Softball Coach, NPCA, St. John Ambulance Welland , and Therapy Tails Niagara among others. 
Her vast knowledge and experience makes her the perfect person to represent Niagara Centre in Ottawa.